It’s one small day, just 24 hours like every other, and yet, Valentine’s Day often creates more stress than any other holiday.

At what point in the early stages of a relationship is it acceptable to acknowledge Valentine’s Day? When should you send a Valentines Day card? On that subject, what tokens of love are acceptable and when? And what if you aren’t in a relationship yet? What if you just ended one?

If you’re in need of some dating advice, the experts at eHarmony.com are better suited at helping you, what we can do is help with the “what card for what stage of the relationship” conundrum.

When you’re just getting to know each other…

Our sweet and cheeky cards are a cute way to let your crush know you’re interested or to let a brand new love be acknowledged on the big day.

Circle One Valentines Day Card by Tiny Prints

Smooches Galore Valentines Day Card by Tiny Prints

When things are off to a great start…

You’ve been together just long enough to know that you really like each other, but not quite ready to say the “L” word.

Cuckoo Clock Valentines Card by Tiny Prints

Sweet Apple Valentines Card by Tiny Prints

And then there was love…

“I love you” isn’t the easiest thing to say, so when you hear it for the first few times it’s always extra magical.

Olive You Valentines Day Card by Tiny Prints

Cute Compliments Valentines Day Cards by Tiny Prints

And last, but definitely not least, for when the relationship is going strong…

This isn’t your first Valentine’s Day and it’s not going to be the last!

Missing Piece Valentines Day Cards by Tiny Prints

Couch Comedy Valentines Card by Tiny Prints

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