Wacky Baby Names

Kids can be cruel, and with the name game getting stranger by the minute, playground teasing is likely to get even worse. Remember all those years of taunts–plain Jane, Josie grossie, skinny Jimmy or wacky Jackie? Now imagine your name is Fifi, Pixie or Peaches!

Hollywood’s penchant for quirky names has certainly reached new heights. What started with Apple and Coco has quickly become Audio Science, Jermajesty and Pilot Inspektor. This Monday, July 14th you can learn all about the wildest trends in celebrity baby names on VH1’s Awesomely Wacky Celebrity Baby Names. Or, for proof that peculiar baby names exist well outside the realm of Los Angeles, check out this list from the State of Georgia–all of these children were named after some kind of food item, from Ambrosia to Teriyaki!

If you know a mom-to-be who is planning to jump on the crazy baby name bandwagon and you absolutely cannot keep your objections to yourself, take a tactful approach to the issue. You can playfully remind her that kids in school used to call her “Scary Mary” and then ask what torment little Keyboard Sunshine will receive. Or, you could simply show her these beautiful birth announcements and remind her that her new baby will have a sparkling style all its own, whether she names him plain old Jason or Oatmeal Denim!

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  2. jkruger says:

    I love VH1’s Awesomely Wacky Baby Names but I feel bad for the kids. At least they have celebrity parents but I can’t imagine what average kids with those names would have to go through!

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