Walk on the Wild Side!

mar You don’t have to plan a big family road trip to give your kids some excitement this summer. There are plenty of local attractions offering exhilarating family experiences that are the perfect way to spend a mini-vacation, birthday party or just a fun afternoon.

From zoos to amusement parks to various kinds of dinner theater, browse the web on sites like Local Attractions to check out what your city has to offer. Be sure to look for upcoming events as well–even if your kids have been to the local zoo every year for school field trips, they probably have never experienced the thrill of a zoo sleepover or the fun of watching “Zoovies” on the lawn! park2

And, if you don’t plan to leave town for a family vacation this summer, you can still have a funĀ  getaway by staying the night at a local hotel. Live it up by staying up late, watching movies, ordering room service and eating ice cream in bed! Then make sure you soak up the sun poolside–some hotels even have awesome waterslides and playgrounds!

Another great option for family fun this summer is dinner theater. In my hometown, we always spent the summers picnicking at Moonlight Amphitheater, an outdoor theater offering world-class musicals all season long. There’s also the ever popular Medieval Times, which not only gives you the chance to cheer for your favorite knight, but to eat with your hands too!

With all of this family fun at your fingertips, there’s no need to leave home this summer for a walk on the wild side with lions, waterslides and knights (oh my!).

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  1. krellpw says:

    Love the idea of finding family entertainment close to home. We took it one step further this weekend and turned the backyard into a water park for our son and his friends.

    Sprinklers, the Slip N’ Slide, wading pools, water pistols and the highlight of the afternoon Water Balloons! The kids were thrilled.

    Let’s face it, how often does a four year old and his friends here, “Go ahead. It’s ok. You’re allowed to throw that at Daddy!”

    It was a blast!

  2. This is Shark week on discovery channel and starting tomorrow (Tue, 7/29) is a weekly series at 9PM on History channel called Jurassic Fight Club, all about dinosaurs and lots of stuff at history.com like games and videos of dinosaurs that could tie into visits at museums.

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