Welcome to Tiny Talk, a Tiny Prints creation designed to help families get the latest on personalized stationery trends, styles, designs, etiquette, ideas, advice and planning for all of your special events. The blog is also a forum to feature new Tiny Prints products and designers as well as showcase what some of our creative customers are up to. It will provide an opportunity for you to exchange ideas directly with our stationery specialists and share some of your own, unique, creative inspirations and experiences.

Here’s a little info about our top Talkers

Lynn G. is Senior Creative Editor/Writer at Tiny Prints. A social stationery enthusiast, she’s written and illustrated award-winning card lines and has published numerous articles on stationery etiquette. She specializes in answering difficult questions like, “Do I really have to send a thank you card?”

Brandi T. is Merchandising Copywriter at Tiny Prints. Besides working as a freelance writer and an occasional blogger, she’s got all the inside tips on the latest stationery trends. We invite you to visit our blog regularly to read, learn and participate in our continuing family stationery story.

Lea A. is Public Relations Manager at Tiny Prints. A self-proclaimed magazine junkie, she devours any glossy publication that crosses her desk and loves sharing interesting finds with everyone around her. Lea regularly works with prominent editors, journalists and celebrities, lending to her insider knowledge on stationery and design trends.

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