What the World Eats

Time magazine recently posted these amazing slide shows of photos by Peter Menzel from the book “Hungry Planet” about the foods different families put on their dinner tables each night throughout the planet. From Mexico to Mongolia, China to Chad, this collection presents a fascinating display of what the world eats and how Americans compare.

Part I and Part II show different families displaying the food they eat in one week. Each slide also includes the cost of a week’s worth of food ($1.62 in Chad!), and a few of the family’s favorite meals (sheep soup in Guatemala).

Part III has a collection of images of how families shop for and prepare their meals. There’s even a snapshot of McDonald’s!

This captivating collection of photos has me wondering—do your kids ever eat foods from different cultures? Are you at all concerned about how your family eats? What steps have you taken to ensure that they eat healthy meals? What do you think we can learn from other cultures’ eating habits?

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