There are a number of great places to register when you’re pregnant, there’s no doubt about it.  But there are also a multitude of amazing places that sell baby items that don’t offer a Baby Registry.  Case in point:  Tiny Prints!  How great would it be to choose your favorite birth announcement, register for them, and then receive a gift certificate for the entire set at your baby shower?!

Happily, I’ve discovered a site that will allow you to do just that.  Introducing…Wishpot.  This all-in-one shopping site allows you to download a tool to your browser’s toolbar.  Any time you see an item that you like, you simply click the toolbar button and that item is added to your wish list.  The best part is, they also offer a baby registry!  Friends and family can easily and quickly access your wish list, just as they would in a traditional registry.  The main difference is that items from far and wide can be included, from babyGap to Babies R Us, small boutiques to online retailers like Tiny Prints.


I’m already using this amazing service for my personal shopping and wish lists.  Wishpot will even do price comparisons across the internet to find you the best deal on your desired product.  For a shopping addict like me, it’s a dream come true.  Isn’t technology grand?

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