Last year, while looking for the dietary holy grail—a good “healthy” brownie recipe—I discovered Hungry Girl. With a thriving website, a cookbook and a huge community of fans, Hungry Girl offers a variety of low-cal, low-carb and low-fat options for busy people who are looking for creative ways to cut back without sacrificing their love of “fried” chicken or fettuccine alfredo.

I particularly love Hungry Girl’s pumpkin brownie cupcake recipe, which combines just two ingredients—one box of devil’s food cake mix and a can of pumpkin. It’s delicious!

On the other hand, some of Hungry Girl’s other recipes have me worried. The prevalence of ingredients like Splenda, powdered creamer and egg and meat substitutes on the Hungry Girl website raise interesting questions about whether it’s better to cut calories with a diet that has quite a bit of processed food in it, or if it’s more beneficial overall to switch to fresh, whole foods (even if ground beef has more calories than meat-like soy crumbles).

In either case, Hungry Girl offers a variety of recipes to suit any type of home chef, and is worth taking a look. But what do you think? When feeding your family (and yourself!), do you opt for low-calorie goodies or full-fat treats that a bursting with nutrition? Are you a Hungry Girl fan? You tell us!

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