There are so many of my friends preparing to have their second child that I have started to lose count!  With the second child there seems to come a lot of questions.  One question that has come up several times is – Is it okay to have a baby shower for a second child?

In the past etiquette would deem it to be inappropriate.  However, it seems that lately this practice is becoming more and more popular (especially if baby #2  two is a different sex from baby # 1). After all, parents will always need the “smaller” necessities  things like diapers , undershirts or even new clothes altogether, and feeding supplies.

So, is having a baby shower for baby #2 a good idea or is it asking friends and family to give a little too much?  Or, perhaps it’s only appropriate in certain situations? If so, which?  You tell us…

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4 Responses

  1. Jennifer says:

    I think it’s fine if there is a large gap between children or the second child is a different sex than the first. Otherwise no

  2. erin says:

    I’m not a huge fan of baby showers for baby #2 but sometimes life necessitates it – too many years between the first and second OR a second marriage with new family and friends. In general, the rule should be no but I find my own friends are changing the tradition by having a 2nd baby shower…

  3. Manda says:

    I think every baby should be celebrated. It’s also a good way to get together with friends and family. I don’t think it should be viewed as being greedy. Most people like giving a small gift when the baby arrives, so why not give something the mother needs.

    If children are close in age the mother could have a “Bear Necessities” themed shower were you ask for gifts like diapers (different sizes), wipes, onesies, bottles, bibs, socks etc… You can have a “Storybook” shower were guests can bring books to add to the new baby library.

    Another alternative is to have a shower focused on the mom. Instead of gifts for the baby, gifts for the mom to be. Maybe gift certificates to a spa, restaurant, movie theater, house cleaning service (this would come in handy after the baby is born) etc. Or in lieu of gifts have guests bring a dish that can be frozen and re-heated when the baby arrives.

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