In our party planning research, we occasionally come across certain rumors that send us into a spin. Recently, the big news was that one of the most famous celebrity toddlers in Hollywood today celebrated her birthday with a party that cost $100,000, with $45,000 going toward catering bills and $5,000 spent on the cake alone!

Yahoo!’s Spotlight to Nightlight just ran a feature on the celebrity baby party scene, with tips from the owner of The Party Goddess to help you plan your child’s big bash with all the style and flair of a Hollywood superstar. The whole topic leaves us curious—would you dish out big bucks for your child’s celebration?

What do you think is the best way to celebrate your little one’s special day? Do blowout birthday parties for babies make you want to rant or rave? You tell us!


from one of The Party Goddess‘s stylish events

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  1. Jenna says:

    The amount of money spent on these parties seems unnecessary! I feel like the kids aren’t even going to remember it! Why not throw a smaller bash and donate the money to charity in their honor or something? That seems like a better option to me.

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