You Tell Us: Cloth Diapers

In an effort to save the environment one diaper at a time, some parents are turning to eco-friendly cloth diapers in place of traditional disposable ones. But these aren’t your grandma’s cloth diapers–many come in fun prints, patterns and colors like this one from Knickernappies, and most have replaced traditional safety pins with safe and easy button snaps. While there is a bit of extra work involved in emptying and cleaning cloth diapers, many parents argue that the cloth versions not only reduce household waste, but also eliminate the need for parents to take frequent trips to the store and save money. Would you trade your plastic diapers for cloth? You tell us!

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5 Responses

  1. lea says:

    you have to wash them yourself? didnt they have a cleaning service that would pick up your cloth diapers and clean them for you in the olden days?

    i am not sure that I am ready for that type of deep cleaning…

  2. rbucich says:

    When I was a new daddy, changing diapers was the thing I feared most. Anything to make it more pleasant was welcome regardless of the cost. In our household we’re big recyclers, we just concentrate our efforts elsewhere. I wouldn’t call it a guilty pleasure, just one of the liberties we take.

  3. I did cloth for a while with my son and I might again now with my daughter. Another great intro to cloth are G diapers! Plus now cloth comes in the cutest patterns – that could be reason alone to go that route 😉

  4. ctern says:

    ehnn…i honestly don’t know about that. to me the disposable diapers are so much more sanitary. even though cloth diapers are an admirable concept…if you think about throwing them in your washer…the same washer where you wash your underwear etc…

    just doesn’t appeal to me =\

  5. fuzzi bunz says:

    @ctern – Washing the cloth diapers is not a big deal. The washing machine doesn’t carry over germs from one load to the next. It’s kind of like washing your dishes – you may have to wash off a cutting board that had raw chicken on it, but then you are still going to turn around and wash the cup that you drink from. Possibly even in the same load. Also, if you use something like The Potty Pail, they are mostly clean before you even put them in your washing machine.

    I personally love cloth diapers. I used them on my first child, and now with my 2nd as well. When someone happens to see me changing my babies cloth diaper, they are often quite surprised at how simple it is & how cute & comfy they look. I wish more people would at least give it a try before passing judgment.

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