When I was growing up, I used to guzzle down cans of 7-Up like it was nobody’s business. Now, when I see kids drinking a huge bottle of the nutrition-less beverage, sweet childhood memories are not what come to mind. According to a Harvard Science report, soft drinks are the leading source of added sugars in the diets of young Americans. There’s been a lot of talk about soda’s adverse effects on kids’ health—where do you weigh in?

As a parent, how do you decide whether or not to let your kids enjoy soft drinks? At what age, if any, should kids be introduced to them? You tell us!

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3 Responses

  1. Kristen says:

    Not to be harsh, but I DO NOT let my 3 yr old son drink soda! I am responsible for his health and why would I give him empty calories filled with artificial ingredients and sugar??? Seeing babies/toddlers drinking soda from a bottle makes me cringe. I give my son water…and when he goes to preschool and they give him juice, he thinks it is a treat. I will withold soda as long as I am responsible for buying him groceries.

  2. Katie says:

    Good for you, Kristen! Now that we all know how bad things like HFCS are for you, it makes me cringe to think about how much we loved it as kids.

  3. Joyce says:

    I have so many friends that let their kids have soda at a really young age. I have four kids (10, 8, 5, and 3). Our rule has always been no soda until you turn 8. And even then, it must not have caffeine and they can only have it when we go out someplace (i.e., a restaurant or a party). And never more than once per day. The older kids never questioned the rule when they were little and neither do the two youngest. There is absolutely no need for a toddler to have soda. Juice, milk, and water should be fine. I don’t think my mom let me drink soda when I was really young either. Even as an adult, I only allow myself one soda per day! I cringe too when I see little kids with soda!

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