It seems that everyday this week I’ve woken up to another unsettling news story. From a bomb in Times Square and the aftermath of an oil rig explosion to a life threatening lettuce recall and the devastating flooding in Nashville—I’ve been wondering how my curious five-year-old nephew would react if he discovered that Mother Nature may not be as friendly as he thought.

Harvard Medical School psychiatrist Alvin Poussaint said in the article “Should Kids Watch the Nightly News?” that even if parents are present to explain what’s happening on screen, “The graphic images would still penetrate their brains and stay there and it would give the kids a skewed view of the world: that it’s an unsafe, horrific place in which to grow up, filled with bad people, bad athletes, everyone doing the wrong thing.” Do you agree?

How do you approach informing your kids about what’s going on in the world? At what age would you let your kids watch the news? Do you think the nightly news too graphic for kids? You tell us!

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