Mother’s Day is nearly a week away and I find myself pleasantly preoccupied with browsing all of the fun gift ideas floating around the web lately. From sweet and crafty DIY projects to sparkly jewelry, there are so many different ways to honor mom on her special day—which got me wondering, is it better to make or to buy?

Do you think the best gifts are the ones you make? Is it more fun to make the perfect gift, or shop for it? Would you rather receive a gift made especially for you or found especially for you? You tell us!

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  1. Melissa says:

    I would much rather receive a handmade gift, especially for special occasions like weddings and births. However, I only make gifts for people I know will appreciate them. I put a lot of effort into handmade gifts and want to know it’s got going to end up in a yard sale!

  2. modCoder says:

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