According to boxofficemojo.com, the newest movie from the teen-crazed Twilight Saga, Eclipse, has taken in over $203,662,377 at the box office to date. Although the movie is rated PG-13, my guess is that a significant amount of those sales went to viewers under the suggested age.

Although the Motion Picture Association of America determines what each rating means, every parent has a different opinion about how much violence, nudity and offensive language their kids should be exposed to, and when—so where do you draw the line?

At what age is it appropriate for kids to watch movies with content that may be questionable in PG-13 movies? Do you agree with the MPAA ratings or do you set your own standards when deciding if a movie is appropriate or not? If your kids are under the age of 13, do you sometimes bend the rating set by the MPAA? You tell us!

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