Earlier this month, members of the Belmont Primary School in England got married. No, we are aren’t talking about the adult staff, but rather the children.

As part of a class project, these four-year-olds planned and acted out a mock wedding in their classroom. Real to life, the “bride” wore white wedding dress and veil and was escorted down the aisle by her “father” to meet her “groom” who was sporting a bow tie. After the ceremony, the class had a formal, sit-down wedding reception.

The class-run project was part of a curriculum that looked at various types of celebrations throughout the year, and now it seems that mock weddings have caught on as a new trend at various nursery schools throughout England.

This story has conjured up various emotions in our office, and we would love to hear your thoughts. So, you tell us: are nursery weddings a fun approach at education, or is it an a game of “dress up” taken too far?

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2 Responses

  1. Tara says:

    If my child was part of a mock wedding, I think I would be slightly put off. Parents are always going on about kids growing up too fast–I think this is REALLY pushing the process along. There is plenty of time for these kids to get married in 20 years…why rush it?!

  2. Jennifer says:

    Horrible! Forcing such young children into traditional sterotypes. I have a serious problem with this. Is this 2008 or 1958?

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