I’ve seen it happen more than once–a family is out to dinner together at a Chinese food restaurant, but instead of sharing a meal family style, the parents order Peking Duck while the little ones munch on Happy Meals Mom had stashed away in her purse.

Now, I understand that there are some super picky eaters out there. I even know some adults whose list of things they won’t eat is longer than the list of things they will. But are Happy Meals the only option for parents of picky eaters? If you enjoy a certain type of ethnic cuisine, shouldn’t you at least try to introduce your children to those new tastes? And, if you don’t, will your kids be stuck eating chicken nuggets and french fries their entire lives?

What do you think about parents who bring fast food to restaurants for their kids? You tell us!

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3 Responses

  1. krellpw says:

    It’s the wrong answer in my opinion. Unless the child has severe dietary restrictions that make eating at that restaurant unsafe, then they should be eating off the menu, or the family should be picking a different restaurant. The parents can save the “fancy” restaurant as their grown up get away for date nights when they’re kid free.

  2. Minnie says:

    I think it’s a little bit rude to be bringing in other food to the restaurant in general, even if its for the children. Helping children try new things at a young age may help prevent larger issues in the future.

  3. Es says:

    I agree with the others. I worked at a restaurant for many years and I find it inappropriate when parents bring in food for their kids just because the kids don’t like the food. First of all, it teaches the kids that they can be picky and secondly, it doesn’t respect the other restaurant’s environment that you came to enjoy.

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