One year ago, it took me roughly twenty minutes to explain to my mom the intricacies of a conversation held via Facebook. A few days ago, she called to ask if I had seen that friend from high school’s new baby pictures that popped up in her news feed. What once started as a strictly collegiate networking site, Facebook is now a global household name.

I typed “Moms” into the Group Search and garnered over 500 results. It’s clear that Moms these days are in tune and on board with staying connected through the popular social networking site. But how much personal information is safe to share with your “network?”

Is there any risk in posting pictures of your kids online? How do you decide who can see your pictures and who can’t? Do you think posting pictures of your kids online could potentially put them in harm’s way or do you take advantage of this as a great way to share updates with your friends and family? You tell us!

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  1. alexandra says:

    I only add friends & family that I know & trust, and keep all of my photos set on the privacy level that only allows my friends to see them. I think fb is a good way to keep in touch with family, especially when they are across the country from you, but it’s always smart to keep your profile & pictures protected from the general public.

  2. Sarah says:

    My pictures are set to a very select group of friends and family. Any business associates and some of my less-close friends can’t see my photos. The problem that I run into is that my ex-mother-in-law who is not selective with her friends or what she shares has posted pictures of my daughter on her FB account. She is a nurse for the county health department and has no qualms about accepting her patients there as friends. While these folks don’t know where I live or how to reach my daughter (hopefully), this is still a huge issue for me. Most of my friends have the common courtesy to ask if they can post a picture of my 5-year old, but my ex-MIL doesn’t. To top it off, I have no way to control the privacy settings that she has on pictures of my daughter – which means that they may be available to everyone on the internet.
    I think FB is a great way to share information – when you control who can see it.

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