For as far back as I can remember, sleepaway camp was a summer staple of my childhood years. Both my older brothers had been going since elementary school, and like so many other activities, it only seemed natural that I follow in their paths. Our sleepaway camp was roughly two and half hours from home and packed with all the good stuff summer camps should be—a huge lake, hiking paths, making paper from scratch, campfires and so much more. Living in a cabin with a bunch of girls and no parental supervision seemed like a dream! And aside from the small bouts of homesickness here and there, it was exactly that.

Going off to camp can be scary and exhilarating all at once— and not only for the campers! I’m sure my parents were excited to get us out of their hair for a bit, but I know it wasn’t easy for them to let us out of their sight for weeks at a time. Nevertheless, we always made it back in one piece (almost every year), with memories we can still laugh about as adults.

Did you attend sleepaway camp when you were a kid? What are your favorite memories? Are your kids heading off to sleepaway camp this summer? You tell us!

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