For today’s post we are excited to have Sarah Jane from Clean & Proper who will be talking all things letters, from how to write a handwritten letter, to essentials and accessories. Sarah Jane reminds us that letters are not just for party invitations or holidays, the next time you need to send a message think twice and choose to go the extra mile by sending your message through the mail. Make it easy on yourself with this how-to guide including fun accessories that make letter writing an experience of its own. We are loving all that letter writing has to offer and we hope that you embrace it too!
pink glitter stationary with stamped address label on envelope

Letter Writing Essentials

In an age of digital technology, where emoticons rule and shorthand is no longer a skill-set dominated by executive assistants, it seems as though the art of letter writing has morphed into a paragraph-long text message. Don’t let that be the case! There are so many beautiful notecards, stationery sets and even writing accessories that should be embraced and shared through correspondence and letters.

I love beautiful stationery and any excuse to send a handwritten letter to loved ones. I’m infamous for throwing parties that are announced through printed invitations—my favorite go-to selections available through Tiny Prints, of course. But, parties needn’t be the only reason to mail letters. Keeping up with friends, family members and even thank you notes present an ongoing excuse to sit down with pen and paper.

The recipient of your handwritten letter will be touched by the effort and thought you’ve put forth. I’m notorious for saving all letters and cards. I can never bring myself to get rid of a beautiful holiday card or thank you note on personalized stationery. It feels as though it’s a crime to disregard such beauty by tossing it into the trash or recycling.

Besides, to embrace letter writing is to embrace the essentials necessary for correspondence . . . aka accessories!

Paper For a Handwritten Letter

From monogrammed notecards to illustrated thank you cards—there are so many options when it comes to the paper. Luckily, no one said you can’t mix and match. Experiment with different paper trims from rounded edges to scalloped sides.

Have fun with the colors and patterns! I always love an illustrated floral design, but I also keep plenty of conservative, monogrammed selections in my stationery collection at home. These are perfect for interview thank you notes or baby shower thank you notes to your mother-in-law’s friends.

pink glitter stationary with stamped  address label on envelope

Writing Instruments

Truth be told, I have terrible handwriting. Therefore, I’m a little picky with my writing instrument choice as it seems that certain pen designs accentuate my poor penmanship. Regardless, I always write in black ink which is a requirement for formal letters or thank you notes. For letters to my girlfriends I may choose to have a little fun by selecting a purple or thin gold marker.

If you really love writing, explore the art of calligraphy. A skill that never goes out of style, it will be cherished for as long as you chose to write.


Believe it or not, there are countless options when it comes to envelopes. Though your envelope should also snuggly wrap around your letter or notecard, there are different shapes you can choose such as square and rectangular.

It’s best to match your envelope color to your card or stationery paper, though white is always a safe option.

Address Labels

I love address labels, though my true weakness, aside from beautiful stationery, are address label stamps! I never have to worry about running out, especially with self-inking stamps. And like I said about my handwriting, address labels ensure my envelope presentation remains as beautiful on the outside as in.

Address label stickers and stamps are always a creative way to jazz up the envelope. Experiment with a design that matches your card stationery, or choose a stamp with a whimsical appeal.

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  1. Janice Rines says:

    I really enjoyed this informative reminder of the joy of beautiful stationery and the pleasure in both the sending and receiving of a hand written letter. It does seem to be fading away, as was mentioned, and replaced by the technological advances in communication. I was dismayed to learn, from when my son was in school, long hand (can’t think of the other word that is the same thing) is no longer part of the curriculum in school. That’s just sad to me. I don’t want to let go of all our lost forms of communication. That is why I enjoyed your article so much. I’ve been searching for stationary (admittedly only at Walmart recently because that’s where I often go to do “one stop” shopping), but I do want some lovely stationary. I have a “Cricket” cutting machine and it’s been a while, but I enjoy making my own, including using rubber stamps and all the effects that can be made with them. I’ve lost it, but for a time I used the stuff (can’t remember what it’s called either) you melt allowing a few drops at the center most sealing (ah, that’s it, sealing wax) point of the envelope and then pressing a monogramed metal stamp into it. I even liked the smell of the sealing wax. Ah, the good old days when we took the time to create something special, hopefully treasured or appreciated by the recipient. Probably would cause a recipient to be shocked and pleasantly surprised that someone would care that much to take the time to create that for them.

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