Our co-founder, Ed, and his kids, Emily and Cooper, keep us all entertained for hours with their adorable stories and family hijinx. Now we’re sharing some of the best of them with you, written by Ed himself…

Now that she can read, I love corresponding with my daughter through writing.  Our relationship all of her life has been face to face—in today’s digital/Facebook/Twitter/chat world, I really love that Emily and I have had just one way to communicate—via voice.

But lately, I love imagining her face when she opens her lunchbox and finds the daily notes I slip in there. Nothing novelic, just a line or two of an inside joke or simply telling her that I miss her.  And greeting cards that I mail home (yes, mail with a stamp and all) are the best.  I usually check the mailbox when I get home from work.  And I just love announcing to Emily—you’ve got mail!  She beams with excitement, and I love watching her face as she tears it open and sees that it’s from me.

This past weekend was a big fundraiser for her school, probably their biggest annual event.  The entire school (K-6) meets Saturday morning for their Walkabout.  Every year there is a theme, they play loud music and the kids walk/run laps around their school yard coned off to simulate a 0.2 mile track.  Every grade level has a maximum number of laps (Emily’s was 40, so 8 miles if you finish!), and each student is encouraged to find sponsors for each lap.  It is a BLAST and with public education funding in California in a dismal state, a great way to support the school.

I was so impressed that Emily was able to finish all 40. She wasn’t the most energetic, but she didn’t give up and just plugged away.  Reminded me of the tortoise from the folktale…  So I made this cute card to congratulate her, I can’t wait until it arrives in the mail!

About Ed

Ed is one of the founders of Tiny Prints, and our current CEO. True to what you’d expect, Ed sincerely loves not just the fresh look and stylish design of social stationery, but the heartfelt message behind it. He currently resides in the San Francisco Bay Area with his wife, Polly, and his two beautiful children, Emily and Cooper.

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