Monday January 18 is Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, which means that schools, government offices and many businesses will be closed in honor of the life and achievements of the civil rights activist. Since your little ones will have the day free, it’s the perfect time to teach them about the non-violent principles of MLK Jr. and his fellow activists, and to explain what they achieved in the 1960s.


From his belief in non-violent resistance to his ultimate faith in the power of love to unite the American people, Martin Luther King Jr. stood for justice and equality. Share a bit of his history with your kids by watching his famous “I Have a Dream” speech together:

You can also check out books about Martin Luther King, Jr. from the local library, including many of his personal writings and even picture books about his life that are perfect for younger children.


Since Martin Luther King, Jr. strongly believed that service to one another could solve a variety of society’s problems, people across the country are using MLK Day as an opportunity to volunteer. For more information, or to find a volunteer opportunity near you, visit MLKDay.gov.



Family Education has a variety of ideas to help you celebrate with your family, from planning a multicultural banquet to planning a march around your neighborhood with friends.


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