Halloween is just around the corner, and it’s time to think about what type of Halloween décor you want to put up to make your home look festive. Instead of dusting off that same old box of scary decorations that you use year after year, why not try something new? Refresh your home’s décor with homemade projects that are easy to make and adorably spooky. Here are our top five Halloween decorating ideas:

halloween card halloween mug and halloween photo block on a mantel in the house for decoration

1.    Halloween Pictures

Halloween is the perfect time to get out the photos you took of last year’s costumes and put them on display. Showcase your own fierce witch or menacing pirate in a cute photo block or a rustic frame. Photographic displays of past Halloween celebrations will not only add visual interest to your Halloween décor, but will also help you remember some of the fun times you have had with your family over the years.

2.    Floating Ghosts

Floating ghosts are delightfully easy to make and are perfect projects for rainy days when the kids need to stay indoors. All you need to create your own woefully scary ghosts are large Styrofoam balls, a black marker, string or thin rope, and long sheets of cheesecloth.

Start by drawing large ghostly eyes on the Styrofoam balls with black marker, then drape cheesecloth over the top. To hang the ghosts up, attach string or thin rope to the tops of their heads with hot glue. Shredding the ends of the cheesecloth will give your ghosts an eerie, forlorn appearance.

floating ghosts halloween home decor hanging on a front porch

Image via Simply Designing with Ashley Phipps

3.    Candy Corn Table Display

Candy corns: either you love them or you hate them. But no matter what you think of the way those little corn-shaped candies taste, you are bound to fall in love with the way they look in a tabletop display. The great thing about a candy corn display is that you can be completely creative with it as long as you incorporate the basic candy-corn colors (yellow, orange and white).

We suggest using a brown table runner as the backdrop for your display, since the rich color will contrast nicely with the lighter yellow, orange and white that will saturate the remainder of your display. Place clear votive candle holders sporadically on the table runner and fill them halfway with candy corns (you may need to refill frequently if you have candy lovers in the house).

Next, spray-paint empty bottles or glass jars of various sizes in candy corn colors. Tie orange or yellow ribbons around their necks and display them in the center of your table runner. This will be the focal point of your display. To complete the look, fill in the remaining empty areas of the table runner with miniature pumpkins and scattered fall leaves. This fun and bright display will earn you a lot of neighbor compliments!

orange white and yellow painted wine bottles and candy corn centerpieces on a dining table

Image via DIY and Crafts

4.    Milk Jug Ghost Luminaries

Finally, those old milk jugs are actually good for something! Start saving them now so you can create spooky milk jug luminaries to light your walkway after dark. This project is about as easy as they get, and can really brighten up your walkways at night. Collect as many empty milk jugs as you want, then rinse them out and allow them to dry. Next, draw cute or spooky ghost faces on them with black marker and place tea lights or battery-operated light strands inside each jug. If the caps are any color besides white, take a moment to spray-paint them white, or leave the caps off altogether.

Line the jugs up along a walkway or path and you will have instant Halloween mood lighting to help lead trick-or-treaters and other guests to your door.

5.    Decorated Pumpkins

No Halloween display is complete without at least a few pumpkins. If you don’t want to make the effort to carve your pumpkins this year, there are plenty of fun ways to decorate them with minimal effort. Glow-in-the-dark paint is one of our favorite ways to add a touch of unexpected flair to pumpkin displays. For the most noticeable contrast, paint your pumpkin white all over before adding colorful glow-in-the-dark paint.

Another unexpected way to showcase pumpkins in your Halloween décor is by making them look like spooky black cats. To do this, paint the entire pumpkin black, then glue a black Styrofoam ball to one end (this will be the cat’s head). Using colored paper cutouts, create a face and ears for your cat and apply them with hot glue. A black pipe cleaner makes the perfect tail for your cute feline.

halloween pumpkins painted black and decorated to look like cats

Image via DIY & Crafts

Creating unique and fun Halloween decorations doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. Put your box of old decorations away and try some of these fun Halloween décor ideas by yourself or with your kids this year.

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