A Gift Card in a Greeting Card

I love giving gift cards to teachers, daycare providers and other people who deserve recognition and thanks, but for whom I lack gift inspiration. I usually pair the gift card with a sweet greeting card and box of chocolates or a nice bottle of wine and all three are generally very well received.

My only concern when picking out gift cards is that  I might be choosing something that wouldn’t be from the recipient’s store of choice.

All of my friends must think I’m in dire need of relaxing because they adore gifting me with massage gift certificates. Little do they know that these always languish unused because massages always leave me feeling more tense and stressed than before. They mean well, so I smile and say thank you, then promptly file away the gift card. It’s such a shame and causes me no end of guilt.

Tiny Prints has just partnered with a company that is going to take away all of the stress of gift card shopping. Now when you order a Christmas greeting card you will be given the option to attach a gift card amount to it. The gift cards, redeemable on tangocard.com, can be traded in at a large number of retailers. And if the recipient is feeling blessed enough, they can choose to donate their gift card to a charity. We’re making gift giving easy for you this year.

Greeting Card Gift Cards at Tiny Prints

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  1. Karianna says:

    Heh. I know what you mean about the spa-type gift cards. A friend gave me a mani-pedi certificate, but because I chew my nails horribly, I was too stressed to take advantage of the “mani” part of it until I had grown out my nails enough to not be super-embarrassed. Most spa services leave me stressed out because they either tell me what I *could* do (“if you’d just let me tweeze your upper lip…”) or they speak to their co-workers in a language I don’t understand while looking at me and giggling. Yikes! đŸ™‚

    I would definitely appreciate being able to designate my gift – what a great idea to partner with tangocard!

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