A Hannukah Celebration

My kids have finally learned that we split our holiday celebrations. All things Christmas, from tree trimming to stocking stuffing takes place at my sister’s house. All things Hannukah take place at our house and at Grandma and Grandpa’s house. With the cousins we dabble in red and green, at home we stick to blue and silver.

Many years this arrangement gets a bit confusing when Christmas and Hannukah collide, but this year I’m thrilled that both holidays are going to get their fair share of attention. Starting Tuesday we’re going to be able to give in to the latke, dreidle, and candle lighting fun without worrying about any red or green distractions. At the end of the month we’ll give in to the Christmas fun, without feeling like we’re neglecting our other traditions.

And with both holidays being at opposite ends of the month, maybe I’ll actually be able to send out dedicated Hannukah cards to some of our friends!

Take advantage of our extended Hannukah greeting card promotion to send 5 free greeting cards of your own. (Promotion ends on Tuesday night, so hurry!)

Gimmel Gelt Hannukah Greeting Card by Tiny Prints

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