We hope you enjoy this cute holiday tutorial from designer Lotta Jansdotter!

The holidays are around the corner and it is one of my favorite times… I get the best excuse in the world to get busy with my hands and the opportunity to create fun holiday invitations, cards, packages and… party decor!

Lately I have been really into making these mini garlands. They are not only super easy to make, but they are festive, cute and they add a lot of creativity to the table for your holiday gatherings and dinners. You can simply lay the garland over plates like I did above, hang them on branches or even place in the middle of the table for a real nice centerpiece.

I also like to use my sticker labels and gift tags that I made for Tiny Prints (everywhere and for everything). You can create custom labels using your name or personal greeting, too. I used them here for a small holiday gift for my dinner guests—a little box of chocolates to take home. So fun and lovely! Here is an easy how-to, so you can also make these for your holiday entertainment.


So what you need is some string of your choice, lots of different washi tape in various patterns and colors, (I also used a metallic tape for an extra fancy and festive feel), and a pair of scissors.

You start with ripping of different lengths of washi tape and folding them over the string in various spots. Then, you simply cut the edges to make flag-like points. And there you go—this is barely a “how to” at all since it’s so easy!

For the packages there are many different options available for labels on Tiny Prints and, once again, I also used the metallic tape to add a little something extra.

Have fun making your decor and have a most lovely holiday,

Hej  Lotta

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  1. Lovely! The best part is you can reuse the template for other occasions too. Also the bunting/flag string can be used to accessorize gifts as opposed to using ribbons 🙂

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