As soon as the weather turns cold and snow starts to threaten, the mailbox starts to fill with catalogs and holiday cards. Bright colors and festive pictures cover heavy cardstock, framing smiling family photo after smiling family photo.

What’s a single girl or guy to do?

Send out your own cards of course!

Thanks to a host of personalization options you can turn any Christmas card into one that’s perfect for you. Sharing exactly what you want with the world – no more, no less.

No picture to share?

A wide array of text based cards – ranging from the sweet and sentimental to the purely irreverent – can help you spread your message of holiday cheer. Use the inside flap of the card to share the highlights of your year with friends and family – best dating advice, major accomplishments, even small victories can paint a picture almost as well as a photo.

Winter Willow Christmas Card by Tiny Prints

Only want to feature the kids?

Photos of the kids are always warmly welcomed by friends and family eager to see how much they’ve grown. Even if your ex is also sending out Christmas cards, there’s no reason not to indulge in a little shameless bragging about your children.

Nostalgic Cutout Christmas Card by Tiny Prints

Always room for the fur-kids too!

Your dog is your faithful companion and confidant, listening gamely to blow-by-blow accounts of dates and parties. Give him the proper recognition by giving him the limelight in this year’s holiday card! At the very least, the slightly different card will catch your friends’ eyes as they flip through the stacks of more traditional cards.

Celebratory Stamp Holiday Card by Tiny Prints

To get more do’s and don’ts on Holiday card etiquette for singles or just great dating advice, check the dating advice site eHarmony Advice http://advice.eharmony.com/.   To wish you a very merry Christmas and a happy holiday season, Tiny Prints is extending all singles a 25% discount code on the three cards featured above. Click on the image to purchase the card and use promo code EHARMONY at checkout to claim the discount. (Code expires 12/31/10). We can’t guarantee you’ll find a date for tonight, but we’re sure you’ll find the perfect holiday card to send out!

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