Yesterday you met Jessy and Anum, who told us all about how their families celebrate Hanukkah and Eid. Today, you’ll hear from two of our funniest staffers, Ashish and Jason.

Jason is one of the happiest people in the office (and he manages to handle all of our customer returns with a smile!), and Ashish runs the greeting cards section of our website. As an expectant father, Ashish had lots to say about how he plans to celebrate both Christmas and Dwali, the Indian festival of lights. He and his wife have welcomed their new baby boy since we finished filming, and we couldn’t be more excited for his growing family. You can see all the fun for yourself in this short clip:

To read Ashish’s thoughts on being an excited expectant father, check out his guest post on the Tiny Prints blog. And don’t forget to stop by tomorrow to hear from two of our office newlyweds about how they’re splitting up Christmas duties this year!

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  1. Jen Haught says:

    Brightly lit

  2. Sarita says:

    I gave Tango Cards to several friends and they loved them! Who wouldn’t love a gift card that’s 20 cards in one?!

  3. Jill says:

    I love your idea because the card is personalized with a photo and message. It is also great that the recipient has the option to donate the gift card amount to a charity, which is a wonderful touch.

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