Celebrate 9/9/09!

Today is 9/9/09, a date that has people planning their weddings and hoping their babies will arrive at 9:09 pm on the dot. But if you aren’t planning a big life event around this special day, there are still plenty of ways to celebrate with your family! Read on for some ideas that will have you dressed to the nines, singing “99 Bottles of Coke on the Wall” and feeling as happy as a cat with nine lives.

  1. See “9,” the latest animated film from Tim Burton about nine cute little robots trying to survive in a post-apocalyptic world.
  2. If it’s your 9th or 99th birthday, you can get a free $25 gift card from Domino’s Pizza.
  3. Join a few notable Republicans and log in to Twitter at 9pm EST to join the “largest Twitter tea party ever.”
  4. Send a summary of your day to “A Day on the Planet,” a project designed to capture the diversity of the planet by collecting stories that take place on this one day from all over the globe.
  5. Do some of these fun 9/9/09 lessons with your elementary school-aged kids.
  6. Make a wish at 9:09 pm.
  7. Watch Manny Ramirez (number 99!) play with the Dodgers against Arizona tonight.
  8. Bake cookies in the shape of this number 9 cookie cutter.
  9. Leave the little ones at home and head out for a 9 course meal at delicious restaurants like Napa’s French Laundry.

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