For far too long, grandmothers and grandfathers have had to piggyback for a bit of the glory that moms and dads receive in May and June. But being a grandparent is special. You get away with so much more—feeding sweets to your grandbabies and letting them stay up past nine o’clock—and in return unconditional love and cuddles are yours. So we decided to give a shout out to the proclamation that President Carter signed in 1978, thanks to the campaigning of Marian McQuade, a coalminer’s wife and mother of fifteen, recognizing the first Sunday after Labor Day as Grandparents Day.

Grandparents Day

In a nutshell, this unsung holiday is really a day to spend time with grandparents, learn about their lives and have fun. We’re all grandchildren, after all. So in the spirit of intergenerational interaction—say that five times fast—here are some ways to let your nana, grandpa or grammy know they are the bee’s knees.

Move over Picasso, here come the artists who really count. Oh yes, your nona would prefer a drawing made just for her. So set little ones free with paper and crayons to create a masterpiece. One of our favorite places to capture their imaginations is on a custom photo mug—a sure way to induce smiles every morning.

Grandparents Day

For the grandparent who speaks the language of iOS, the brag book has entered the 21st century. Take an adorable photo—aren’t they all?—and create a custom iPhone or iPad case. This keeps the source of their delight—grandchildren—with them at all times.

Let’s face it, the number-one way to make a grandparent happy is, drumroll please, to spend time with them. Better yet, take time to look at family photos. We think this scenario is the perfect setup for creating a truly thoughtful gift—a photo book. It’s the piѐce de résistance of heartwarming gifts.

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