Serve a variety of decadent chocolate treats with your favorite drinks for the perfect Valentine’s Day cocktail party for adults! Red, pink, and heart-themed decor will create a playful and sweet ambiance.

L to R: Tiny Prints Cocktail Crush party invitation, Valentine Cupcakes, Sweetie Pies, Red Candy Jars, Chocolate Martini, Chocolate Fountain, Martini Glass, Paper Poms

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  1. Denae_GG says:

    A really yummy and chocolaty cocktail that is perfect for Valentines day is TY KU’s Guity Pleasure
    1.5 oz. TY KU Soju
    1 oz. Chocolate Liqueur.
    You can even add a bit of whipped cream to top it off 🙂 Happy Valentine’s day

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