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As you know here at Tiny Prints, we’re all about Gratitude. We love things that help us take stock of what we’re grateful for. Which is why we love this crafty idea.

Show off what your family is grateful for and get all your guests to join in the fun with a Gratitude Garland.

Garland of Gratitude

Write the things that you’re grateful for on paper leaves that you string up and hang up on a prominent wall. Make extra leaves so guests can participate. If you start now maybe your garland can go all the way around your dining room before everyone gathers for the holiday fun!

Get full details on how to make the leaves and garlands on the Family Fun site. It’s a great way to help kids learn to appreciate the big and little things that make life special.

Just to get the ball rolling, what are you most grateful for this year?

We’re grateful for all you awesome readers!

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