My family is hosting Thanksgiving dinner for 25 people this year, which has me both excited and a little nervous. How are we going to fit all of those people in our house, let alone ensure they get fed and leave feeling satisfied?

One of the solutions we’re going with this year is to have a Thanksgiving buffet with seating spread all around the house—a solution that’s perfect except that we don’t want people balancing their food on their laps!

As a result, I love this post from Apartment Therapy about how to add extra tables to your home during parties and other events. Our Thanksgiving guests will now have a place to put their plates (even if it happens to be a re-purposed nightstand, suitcase or stool!).

Apartment Therapy

Check out some of these other makeshift or easy-storage table ideas for even more inspiration!



And don’t forget you can use chic trays to dress up an ottoman or small stool!


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