Displaying Holiday Cards

Post by Jessica R.

If they haven’t already, holiday cards are about to start flooding your mailbox. The question is, once you’ve oohhhd and ahhhhd over the cuteness contained within the envelope, what are you going to do with the card?

A quick Twitter/Facebook poll yielded some great ideas.

1) Stick them to the fridge. – This time honored tradition works great it you have a bit of fridge space and lots of extra magnets.

2) Slide them onto the slats of your blinds. – Neat idea that clearly only works if you have blinds.

3) Display them on your mantle, shelves, or anywhere you can stand them up.

4) Stick them up on the pantry door.

5) Use them as Christmas tree decorations.

6) Hang thick ribbon vertically on your wall and use paperclips to pin them all the way down.

7) Tape them all around a central doorway in your home.

8 ) Tape them up around the fireplace. (Probably best to do around fireplaces that are never lit…)

9) Place them in a special photo album displayed for everyone to see.

10) Hang them around a large mirror or a large painting in your main living space.

11) Use a fancy specially designed Card Holder like this one:

Pottery Barn Holiday Card Display

Tell us, how do you display your holiday cards? And which option do you think is the most family friendly?

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