With two little girls in school and one still in daycare there’s no shortage to the number of gifts I need to hand out this holiday season. I usually stock up on candy and gift certificates at a big box store, but this year I blanked and forgot when we were there doing our big monthly shopping run.

I found myself stumped on Monday, wondering how I was going to pull off my usual gift without having the store’s bounty to chose from.

At the very least I decided to make everyone a personalized Christmas greeting card. A few photos and a nice note would go a long way to getting me started on the gift list. I chose my photos and got started and that’s when I realized the brilliance of the partnership between Tango Card and Tiny Prints.

In a handful of clicks I had adorable Christmas greeting cards that shared my heartfelt thanks for the teachers and providers that help me care for and raise my daughters. Each card was accompanied by a gift card that they’ll be able to redeem at their favorite company instead of the store I was arbitrarily choosing for them.

This weekend we’ll bake a batch of cookies to round out the gift and then we’ll sit back and enjoy watching their faces light up. I can’t wait.

Christmas Greeting Card by Tiny Prints

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