Father’s Day His Way

My ideal Mother’s Day included waffles slathered with Nutella, a comfy couch, a great book and the sweet sounds of children playing nicely in the background. My husband’s ideal Father’s Day includes everyone wearing appropriate outdoor clothing, stocking up on snacks and going for a hike.

Yes, a hike. In the hills. Somewhere with a nice view.

It sounds delightful in theory, but when you factor in the 3-year-old who hates to walk, and the 6-year-old who is averse to hiking, you get a long walk punctuated with incredible amounts of whining. I’ve tried suggesting that he go on his own, but he seems to feel that it would defeat the purpose of enjoying Father’s Day with the family.

In honor of Father’s Day, one day of the year where we do try to do exactly what daddy wants without critiquing or redirecting in any way, I will stock up on snacks and water, make sure everyone has good shoes and research some pretty hikes in the surrounding area. I will even resist making the snacks extra chewy to keep the kids’ mouths busy as we walk.

My Mother’s Day was pretty close to perfect. Least I can do is make sure his Father’s Day is just as good.

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