My girls are cute, no doubt about that. Anyone who meets them for the first time usually comments on their curly golden hair or their pretty blue and green eyes. Pictures that focus on their sweet faces and bright eyes always make me melt. That said, my girls are also very funny and goofy and my all-time favorite photos are the ones that highlight their fun loving personalities.

Then the holidays roll around and I’m left figuring out which side of them to feature in the Christmas cards.

If you face a similar issue, the new Tiny Prints Flip Cards are going to be just as perfect for you as they will be for me. When the card is closed, the person holding it only sees one side of the photo, but open the card up and the photo “flips” to show the backside.

So your Christmas card could feature a more formal side of your family and then “flip” to reveal your family’s more whimsical goofy side on the inside. How fun is that? No more need to pick which aspect of your family to show off!

Tiny Prints Flip Floral Christmas Cards

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