Thanksgiving is right around the corner, which probably means you are busy planning your menu, prepping the kitchen and calling friends and relatives to confirm what time they should show up for the festivities.

In all of your party planning however, don’t forget to think about what you and your family will do with all of those leftovers! Here’s a list of unique recipes that include leftover turkey in fun, international dishes. Delish!

Turkey Burritos with Salsa and Cilantro

Add salsa, peppers, onion, cheese and a few spices to give your leftover Thanksgiving turkey a Mexican kick! See the full recipe at Epicurious

Turkey Burritos

Turkey Spring Rolls

With cabbage, peanuts and a hint of spicy chili sauce, these Thai-style spring rolls will help your leftover turkey make the transition from tired to tempting! Find the recipe at Cookthink.

Turkey Spring Rolls

Turkey Tetrazzini

A creamy blend of cheeses combined with a crisp layer of breadcrumbs ensures that this leftover turkey dish will be gobbled up in no time. Make the recipe with help from Reader’s Digest.

Turkey Tetrazzini

Turkey Paella Salad

Add prosciutto, cranberries and your favorite veggies to this flavorful salad and finish it off with vinaigrette. Find the recipe at Better Homes & Gardens.

Turkey Paella

Turkey Samosas

Leftover turkey, mashed potatoes, mango chutney and pie crust are all you need to create these unique, fusion-style samosas from Real Simple.

Turkey Samosas

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