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I’m not sure that anyone ever actually eats a gingerbread house, but, like fruitcake, they are an intrinsic part of the holidays. Whether or not your family likes getting their hands covered in icing, you can proudly display a gingerbread house this year. Or you can just oogle these gingerbread marvels and then go bite off the leg of a poor misshapen gingerbread man.

Williams Sonoma Gingerbread Estate

Williams Sonoma will personalize this beauty for you!

Better Homes and Gardens Victorian GB House

Follow instructions at Better Homes and Gardens for this one and the next!

Noah's Ark Gingerbread

Solvang Two Story Gingerbread House

This adorable home is professionally baked by the Solvang Bakery.

Enchanted Gingerbread Hannukah Cottage

And special Hanukkah cottage made by Enchanted Gingerbread is perfect with blue trim.

Still not enough gingerbread cheer for you? Or maybe you need more inspiration for your family’s own attempts? Check out these prize-winning creations.

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