Happy Easter!

Well not exactly yet, but coming really soon! Easter is right around the corner. What does your family do to celebrate? As a child, we’d color real eggs while the adults would hide the plastic ones in an aunt’s backyard. Sometimes there would be candy in the eggs but if we found the gold or silver ones there would be money. For all the kids there would be gigantic baskets filled with chocolate bunnies and eggs and more candy than we could imagine. Marshmallow peeps and Cadbury mini eggs still make my mouthwater and I get nostalgic for those early Easter days.

Being the generous person you are, you’re probably making your own baskets for all the kids in your life and their friends. Make it easier on yourself by ordering gift tags instead of trying to make your own. I thought these were especially cute and appropriate for this holiday.

New Chick New Nest Girl Gift Tag Stickers



Light Blue Bunny Gift Tag Stickers


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