We asked—you answered! Here are some of your comments from our Facebook and Twitter feeds when we asked if anyone had started decorating for Halloween yet.

We don’t celebrate Halloween. Instead we celebrate the colors, smells and tastes of the autumn season! I’m ready for pumpkin pie any day. —Alaina F.

We start decorating next weekend. I love the end of the year because I get to decorate the yard! —Melinda H.

We made ghosts. The kids put them all over the house. So cute! —Shari M.

In our little neighborhood, people anonymously leave treats on doorsteps with a sign that says BOO. The recipients put the sign on their door and “boo” someone else until every neighbor has received treats. Very fun and festive! —Ava P.

I decorated the baby and took her out for photos today. Lol! —Susan L.

If you’re looking for a little inspiration for your own Halloween decorations, check out our post on DIY Halloween crafts or get inspired by our fun new line of Halloween greeting cards. And don’t forget to share your creative Halloween costumes, decor and treats with all of us at Tiny Prints by liking us on Facebook or following us on Twitter!

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