As the weather heats up, the last thing you want to do is throw on a fur coat and lock yourself inside the sweltering house all day. Unfortunately, your pets generally don’t have the option of throwing on a bathing suit and heading to the pool when summer gets too hot to handle. Some animals, like many types of birds and snakes, thrive in the heat. But for your family’s furrier friends, consider these tips from Cesar Millan’s blog post 4th of July Tips for Keeping Hot Dogs Cool. A zookeeper friend of mine also recommends giving Pedialyte to dehydrated dogs and cats (after you check with your vet, of course), and my own pooch loves to chew on ice when he overheats.

Keeping your pets at a comfortable temperature isn’t your only concern this Independence Day weekend, however–read this Humane Society article on how to prevent Fourth of July festivities from terrifying your canines and cats. And, if you want to celebrate the summer right alongside Fido or your feline, check out our fun collection of pet announcements and party invitations! You might not be able to teach an old dog new tricks, but you can learn how to make this a great summer for every member of your family!

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