I love stationery. I love holiday cards. I even love thank you notes. I have cards in every room of the house and in every purse – just in case. My only issue is that I’m not the best when it comes to mailing these cards out. I never seem to have enough free time to sit down and make it happen.

I’ll fill out the cards, write loving messages in each, put the name of the recipient on the envelope, and only weeks later I’ll get my act together enough to find their mailing address, find a stamp and make my way to a Post Office.

It took me weeks to get my Christmas cards out last year.

This year I’m getting a bit more organized – not too hard since I’ve imported my contact list into my Tiny Prints address book. Instead of hand addressing each and every holiday card I’m going to opt for the Tiny Prints mailing service.  I’ll have a handful of cards sent to my house – for those last minute cards I forgot I needed to send out or the ones that need a little extra love. The rest of the cards will be mailed out for me, removing one lengthy item from my already overflowing to do list.

Best part about this service? It’s free. You just pay for the envelope printing and the postage. I don’t know about you, but I’d pay quite a bit to get a few of my hours back, getting them for free seems like an early holiday present.

Joy Medallion Tiny Prints Christmas Card

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