Holiday Moving Cards

Both my sister and a close friend recently moved into new homes. They’re torn about sending moving announcements this close to the holidays. I feel their pain. Even if you use the mailing service, sending out two sets of cards in the same month can be a burden on your shipping budget for the season.

Luckily there is a way to share the news of the big move with everyone without breaking the bank.

I pointed both of them to some great holiday cards that can double as moving announcements. These cards feature cute variations on houses or homes and seem like a sweet way to say “Look where we live now!” all while sharing some happy, healthy holiday wishes.

Snowy Roofs Folded Holiday Photo Card by Tiny Prints

City Snowman Flat Holiday Photo Cards by Tiny Prints

Nice Neighborhood Flat Holiday Photo Cards by Tiny Prints

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  1. Cynthia Bruzzi says:

    Hello, I am looking for holiday moving cards. I liked two of the cards, that you’ve highlighted above. I have a few questions. First, the picture with the two girls and the snowy houses, I cannot find on your website. Secondly, the picture with the couple and the houses with the road, I found, but it does not appear that you can add a picture on the front of the card per your website. I looks like you can only add text. Thanks for any help.

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