Holiday Safety 101

Post by Jessica R.

The holidays are fun—you get to spend time with friends and family, enjoying good food and, hopefully, good wine. It’s a great break from your day-to-day routine. But it’s important to remember to stay safe and to keep your family safe!

Being mindful of your child’s needs and habits despite the holiday chaos should keep everyone safe. Here are a few tips to get you started:

1) Decorate with your family in mind.

Toddlers love to touch new and shiny things. Trees and wreaths can fall. Ornaments can shatter. Some decorations are toxic if swallowed. Many decorations have tiny components that are choking hazards. Holiday decorations increase the risk of home fires. Forewarned is forearmed. So read labels, check the batteries on your fire and carbon monoxide alarms, and most importantly keep your children in mind as you decorate. What will they touch? What will they break? What’s going to put them in harms way?

2) Travel with a few childproofing essentials.

Grandma’s house won’t be childproofed and Aunt Edna’s kids are not as good at exploring as yours might be, so when you head there for the holidays consider bringing some childproofing essentials with you.  Outlet plugs, medicine cabinet locks and cupboard locks don’t take up too much space in your suitcase and they’ll mean you can relax a bit while you enjoy the festivities.

3) Kitchen are a hotbed of hazards.

When you’re cooking a large holiday meal, ovens are going to be hot, dishes are going to be stacked precariously and people are going to be leaving glasses of wine lying around. Keep kids out of the kitchen or stay hyper-aware of where they might be hanging out. It takes three seconds for a hot pan to ruin a festive occasion.

4) Holiday shopping madness.

Odds are at some point you’re going to head into a mall during the holiday shopping season. If you can’t leave your children at home make sure that you plan ahead for any issues that might come up. Decide on a familiar meeting point that you’ll all head to if you get separated. Write your name and phone number on your child’s belly, back, or arm with a Sharpie. And don’t be overly ambitious; Black Friday sales aren’t a safe place to take very young children who need close supervision.

What other holiday safety tips and tricks can you recommend?

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  1. If your children are small enough, my husband and I always favored taking our own “portable containment unit” (aka playpen). to family holidays at other’s homes.

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