Our co-founder, Ed, and his kids, Emily and Cooper, keep us all entertained for hours with their adorable stories and family hijinx. Now we’re sharing some of the best of them with you, written by Ed himself…

Perhaps it’s age (they say time actually does pass quicker as you age), or the fact that I am a parent with a busy schedule—I don’t know. But it’s impossible to believe that it’s October. And I hear more and more people around me saying that (probably because the people I am around are older like me, or busy parents…).

Anyway, if you recall my earlier post about the holidays, the fact that it’s October all too suddenly doesn’t help matters.

I tackled Halloween cards for the kids’ classrooms in my last post.  Next up: costumes and decorating the house. Last year we made our costumes, and it was a hit if I must say so myself. We were the crayon family—super easy and fun. The costumes consisted of Hanes sweats for the whole family for about $40 total, fabric, fabric marker, poster board rolled up into a cone and voila!

This year, I have another great idea—family Legos! But this year, my kids are older and they won’t be coerced. We’re in a stand-off over Legos or Batman and fairies…  How cute would this be? A whole family in different colored Legos!

Once costume negotiations are over, we’ll move right along to decorating the house. Most of the standard decorations will carry over from last year, and of course we’ll get a truckload of pumpkins from a local pumpkin patch.

A fun thing we did last year was a craft day where the kids and their friends made pumpkin spiders and tea light luminaries and then we drove around to a few of their friends’ homes to deliver them.

Up next, we’ll be looking beyond Halloween…

About Ed

Ed is one of the founders of Tiny Prints, and our current CEO. True to what you’d expect, Ed sincerely loves not just the fresh look and stylish design of social stationery, but the heartfelt message behind it. He currently resides in the San Francisco Bay Area with his wife, Polly, and his two beautiful children, Emily and Cooper.

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