With Mother’s Day fast approaching the catalogs flooding our mailbox have a very mommy centric feel to them. Last night, as the kids ate their gourmet dinner (noodles and peas) I flipped through a beautiful array of jewelry.

“I’d like that bracelet.” My 5-year-old quipped, looking over from her corner of the kitchen table.

I glanced at what she was pointing at and then at the price tag listed.

“It’s pretty, but too expensive for a little girl. Now, if you wanted to show it to daddy in case he’s looking for a nice Mother’s Day gift…” I let my voice trail away and flipped the page. My attention was caught by a very pretty necklace and I missed the moment when her face went dark.

“It’s just not fair!” She burst out. When I looked up I caught the full fury of her glare. “Mommy’s get birthdays and a special day, but kids just get birthdays! There should be a Kid’s Day!”

It took all my effort to not laugh out loud. Between all the chauffeuring, cooking, cuddling, and attention giving, not to mention the fact that pretty much anything I buy is for the children, it really feels like every day is Kid’s Day.

I refrained from explaining that to her and instead reminded her that she was having not one, not two, but three birthday parties, and then I went back to my catalog.

Many Roles Mothers Day Card by Tiny Prints

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