Mailboxes for Love

Every year in school kids decorate and personalize some sort of Valentine’s Day mailbox designed to hold all the cute little notes handed out on that heart filled day. I remember, as a kid, feeling that rush of excitement as I pulled open my mailbox to see so many fun little cards, each funny, sweet or sappy. I thought at the time that it was almost as good as getting real mail like a grown-up.

Little did I know that real grown-up mail is rarely as fun or as filled with declarations of love and friendship!

My daughters are both obsessed with drawing and creating little cards for each other and for us, but with nowhere to put them, often these cards get lost before ever reaching their destination. So, while walking around a craft store yesterday, I let myself get inspired by all the little pink and red foam mailboxes that decorated every square inch of the space.

What if instead of propping notes up on pillows and cups, each family member had a special mailbox? We could write each other little notes, leave little trinkets and create tiny little surprises for each other throughout the year instead of limiting that fun and joy to one day each year. I can see myself writing encouraging or complimentary notes to the girls as well as funny and supportive notes to my husband. As for my mailbox, I know I’d be saving each and every little thing that ever got “mailed” to me.

Family Fun Valentine Mailbox

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