In this world of email, IM, Twitter and Facebook, sending real mail has become a somewhat rare event. You have mailing address for your close friends and anyone you send regular notes to, but what about all the people who are expecting your Christmas cards?

Don’t let not having Aunt Edna’s mailing address stop you from sending out holiday cards to everyone. There are always ways to get the necessary information to put the finishing touches on your mailing list.

First, if you have your recipient’s email address, you can always rely on the Tiny Prints address book service to email them a request for their full mailing address. Second, if you’re missing even that piece of information, you can turn to WhitePages to find it.

Armed with just a last name you can look up pretty much anyone. Of course, knowing the city and state helps reduce the search results to a more manageable number!

WhitePages can also help you figure out where your college roommate has moved to when his Christmas card comes back marked “return to sender.” One quick search later his card can be back on its way to him, allowing you to stay in touch through the years.

Special Letters Flat Holiday Photo Card by Tiny Prints

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