Every year the kids beg to stay up to ring in the New Year and every year we say no. Frankly we’re not trying to be mean, it’s just that we can barely stay up that late ourselves. Last year, instead of forcing our eyes open long enough to raise a glass to 2o1o, we cheered and hooted at 9pm, celebrating at the same time as our friends and family on the East Coast. The kids got to party with us and everyone was in bed at a reasonable hour.

This year we’re making it official. We’re having a kid friendly New Years party. We’ll be breaking out the bubbly on the early side and celebrating long before eyelids start to droop.

Take a look at the map and decide which timezone you want to celebrate with, then send out some New Years Eve invitations to your friends, put on your hats, get your crackers, and ring in the New Year!

Colorful Year New Years Invitation by Tiny Prints

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