Ornament Christmas Cards

When we were children our mother always made a point of buying at least one new Christmas ornament every year. She would unwrap it carefully and add it to the growing collection. Decorating the tree involved sharing countless stories about the past.

“Oh! The little present ornament that I bought for your first Christmas!”

“There’s your sister’s favorite ornament.”

“I remember buying that one the year you got your braces off.”

When the tree was done, all bright and colorful, it was more than just a thing of beauty, it was a testament to our family history.

A few years back my sister took over the Christmas hosting responsibilities and my mother shipped her the box of family ornaments. Every year it’s now our responsibility to add to the collection of stories and decorations. We have the ornament my daughter first pulled off the tree when she was learning to walk. The one that my niece, first grandchild, sucked on while we trimmed her first tree. And all the others that bring our past Christmases to life.

Our new ornament Christmas cards are a perfect match for family traditions like ours. Not only can we now have decorative reminders of our children’s passing holidays, but we can also have photographic reminders of the sweet faces of their childhoods.

Traditional Trimming Ornament Christmas Card by Tiny Prints

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